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Thriving Yoga was founded exclusively to address the needs of people fighting chronic illness. Each yoga series is chosen not only for stress reducing and energizing properties, but also to address the unique needs of each patient group. They will increase flexibility, bring healing energy to the areas that need it most, calm the nervous system, and relax the mind and body.

We are just beginning to understand the profound impact and power of the mind-body connection as it relates to disease. Studies have shown that patients who participated regularly in yoga classes were more relaxed, experienced less pain and fatigue, had better quality of life, and were half as likely to be depressed than their counterparts. We seek to complement traditional medicine and treatments with our healing and restorative yoga practice.

The videos create active energy through standing poses, restorative energy through mat poses, and mental and physical relaxation from meditation. The practices can be done in the privacy of your home, with friends, or in a communal setting. Our goal is to move from surviving disease to thriving after disease.

This DVD was inspired by my love for my mother, Priscilla Kinney, and my admiration for her strength, determination and positive attitude during her 22 year ongoing battle with cancer.  I had researched ways to minimize her discomfort from the cumulative side effects of years of chemotherapy, medicine and surgery.  I was encouraged by the fantastic results of studies that had been done on yoga's effects on battling disease, but dismayed that there were no videos that addressed the specific needs of cancer patients.  I realized that most studies were using a regular yoga practice that had not been tailored to the disease it was fighting and yet the results were so encouraging - I could imagine the benefits of specially designed practices!

Our poses have been chosen so that a maximum benefit is achieved in a one hour practice, which includes a guided meditation.  By the time you are done with your practice, you will feel more relaxed, easier in your mind and body, with a renewed sense of energy and purpose.  By making yoga part of your daily routine, you are creating vibrancy and healing energy that will course through your body all day and help make your journey from surviving to thriving.

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